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Golf Swing Fundamentals the Short Version

There are only six things that really can fall under the heading golf swing fundamentals. These six things are items that all golfers both pro and beginner need to know and follow like a religion.
Golf Swing Fundamental one: The grip
The first step doesn’t have anything directly to do with the golf swing. The grip is […]

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The Perfect Golf Swing

Perfection, difficult to define isn’t it. Can we actually achieve it? If we’re talking about the game of golf and the perfect golf swing in a word, yes we can. It takes daily routine, and practice, but the game of golf is all about perfecting the right techniques and mastering the perfect golf swing.
The Perfect […]

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Golf Swing Tempo and It’s Meaning

Your golf swing is made up of a lot more then you probably think. The upswing, downswing, weight transfer, twisting of your waist, and turning your wrists over are all key parts to the golf swing. All of these pieces of technique must be practiced, and likely one at a time to master them before […]

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