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Free Golf Tips

The old saying you get what you pay for comes into play more times then not for most things. How ever with this being the age of information free golf tips can be something worth listening to. Our website is targeted towards beginner golf instruction and helping you improve your game, and did we mention we want to do this for free!.

The best way to learn from our site is to sign up for our free golf tip and lesson newsletter. At last once a week you’ll receive a golf tip video that covers some of the best golf tips available. Not to mention each video is done by a professional golf swing instructor that has helped thousands of golfers just like you improve their game. You can sign up for our free golf golf tips newsletter below, but before you do if you’d like a taste of what’s to come we have a few sample videos below.
Free golf swing tip

Golf swing Basics:

The follow video covers a simple golfing tip that a lot of not only beginner but intermediate golfers aren’t 100% sure about. It covers correct tee height an important part of golf swing basics. Click the play button below to watch.