How to cure a golf slice

Most golfers battle with a slice at some point in there days on the course. It’s a very frustrating thing to deal with, and terribly hurts your score, not to mention your confidence level. All is not lost this is an excellent tip on how to cure a golf slice. It’s nothing drastic that you need to change in your golf swing technique, but it is an excellent how to for a golf slice cure.

What causes the slice

When analyzing how and why a golf slice occurs we have to look at the shape of the ball after impact. There are only two points that can affect the shape of the ball and those are the path the club takes during impact, and the angle at which the club face hits the ball. If either of these are unfavorable then the shape of the ball causes it to slice and of course you know the rest.

How to cure

You may be doing this already, but next time your at the driving range concentrate on keeping your front should down towards the ball during and through impact. Often times when you’re coming through your swing your front should (left for a right handed or right shoulder for left handed) comes up prior to impact. This causes the club face to follow a path from the outside in towards the ball which more or less makes for a slice every time.

Now the good part about how to cure a golf slice is that golf can be reverse engineered. Meaning we can normally trace what movement or action is causing this undesirable result. Thinking through each movement you make in your golf swing will pay you back big time on the course if you’re willing to take the time to do it. Golf tips will cause you to examine different parts of your swing, so taking the time to go through exercises and working to improve on your swing all the time is the answer to a lower score.

So back to the task at hand, how to cure your golf slice. How can we correct what’s occurring here. Well as mentioned keep that leading shoulder down all the way through impact. Practice keeping it down even after impact this will help train your body to keep it facing towards the ball all the way through your golf swing.

Just a quick note on what we mean by keep your leading shoulder down. If you think about what occurs as you swing at the golf ball. Your front shoulder is usually higher then your trailing shoulder after your swing is competed. What we’re trying to describe here is to keep it facing downwards, so that your body doesn’t get ahead of the ball causing it to slice.

By following this simple golf tip at the driving range next time I think you’ll see that your driver will straighten out a lot more. This cure might feel a little awkward at first, but give it some time and you’ll begin to see the difference it makes. Of course this isn’t how to cure a golf slice for everyone, but for the majority of us this will do the trick.

Now while not directly related to a physical fix for the golf slice, keep in mind a lot of this game is mental. So it’s important that you have the confidence that you can hit the shot straight. Our next article covers a golf game mental tip, check it out might help put your game in focus.

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