Daly looking for some luck at Coolum

by golfer on December 13, 2010

John Daly knows a thing or two about tough times, which is why the struggling two-time major winner refuses to rule out a run at this week’s Australian PGA Championship.
Since winning the US PGA Championship in 1991 as the ninth alternate, the larger-than-life American has been stunning fans around the globe – and not always with his golf.
The controversial and colourful 44-year-old has never hidden from his bad-boy image, which has often attracted more media interest than his golfing feats.
In a bare-all book titled “My life in and out of the rough” a few years ago, Daly spoke candidly of his constant battle with his weight, booze, sex and drugs and his four ex-wives about whom he wrote the song “All my exes have Rolexs”.
In 2008, a heavily intoxicated Daly was arrested and locked up after passing out drunk at a Hooters bar in the United States.
But since linking up with his current partner, Anna Cladakis, a former Hooters employee, and undergoing lap band surgery in which he has shed 40 kilograms, he’s been “almost” a saint.
His battles these days are more with the demons on the golf course than off it.
Daly turned up at the Hyatt Coolum this week as a major drawcard for the PGA, warning his game was nowhere near as bad as it may seem after missing the cut in the Australian Open at the Lakes in Sydney last week.
In fact, Daly was talking like a man who could spring another upset if he can find a kind bounce or two around Coolum’s tight tree-lined, water-laced resort course this week.
He admitted he was gutted at missing the cut because he felt he played well enough to be around on the weekend on a course that suited his big-hitting style.
“I was (gutted),” Daly said.
“I’d just picked up Scotty (caddie Scott McGuiness) for the first time on the bag and he said he’s never seen anyone get more bad breaks hitting good shots than I did.
“That’s the way the weekends have been for me.
“It’s frustrating for me because I’m out there hitting good golf shots and I get three bad breaks, an inch into the rough and a bad lie, hitting a sprinkler head and bouncing 60 feet past the hole at the 17th when I know I hit it perfect.”
Eight years ago a heartbroken Daly tossed his putter in the Coolum lake and was disqualified for not signing his card.
“I almost opted not to come (to Australia) because my mum had passed away, it didn’t seem like anyone knew about that,” he said when reminded of the incident on Tuesday.
“That was a tough week for me knowing they held up the funeral until I got home.”
Hopefully, with a little luck on his side, Daly will walk away from Coolum with fonder memories this week.

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