Gazebo Types

by golfer on December 10, 2010

There are many types of gazebos in the world today. There are folding gazebos that act like tents and can be put away when they are not needed. There are decorative gazebos that are found in parks and large backyards, which serve as a good place to relax. As well, there are gazebos with screens that hang over a bed or other structure, helping to keep out mosquitoes and ward off the West Nile Virus.

The materials used with gazebos vary as much as the types of gazebos. A large portion of gazebos are made out of wood, as it is the best structure to use when you want to create something that allows you to relax in nature. However, nylon or polyester is often used with gazebos that are of the folding type, acting more like tents than gazebos.
In many parts of the world, a gazebo material can be screens or mesh to keep out a wide variety of insects that may disturb sleep or spread disease.

The cost of a gazebo varies depending on its size. The larger gazebos cost thousands of dollars to build and maintain, while smaller ones can run a couple hundred to a few thousand at the most.
Gazebos that are of the folding type do not cost much at all and can be bought for $100 or a few hundred more at most, depending on the size.

Gazebos have been around for hundreds of years and millions of people have enjoyed their shelter. Whether it is a place to sit down and relax, a place to get married in, or simply a place to get out of the rain, gazebos are the best place in a park, backyard or elsewhere to enjoy nature in that way.
Gazebos can be elaborate and large, fitting entire bands who play for a crowd that has gathered, or they can be small and just big enough to fit two people standing up.
The structures are very popular with weddings, and if there is an outdoor wedding, there are people who are going to find a gazebo for it.
While you can pay a lot for certain types of gazebos, you can pay little for others. It depends on what you want, how elaborate you get and how large they are.
However, no matter what you choose, standing in your gazebo looking out at the view from your yard, you too will say Que c’est beau.
Gazebos are like little shelters in our oasis from the outside world. They are a place where we can go and feel at peace with ourselves, and the nature around us.

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